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Developing and validating a tool to measure parenting self efficacy

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These four sources were incorporated into a model of the relationship between self-efficacy and performance developed by Gist and Mitchell (1992), grounded in the SCT approach.

They provided evidence that Bandura and Adams’ (1997) four sources of information in addition to three core processes determine self-efficacy.

Additionally, PSE is a theoretically defined construct, whereas confidence is a colloquial term unrelated to a specific theory (Pennell et al. Taking these ideas into account, De Montigny and Lacharité (2005) completed a conceptual analysis to demonstrate that parental confidence is indeed a separate concept to PSE.

Higher levels of PSE have consistently been shown to be correlated with a wide range of parenting and child outcomes.

Thirty-four measures were identified and their psychometric and administrative qualities were examined.

Overall, the quality of the available measures was varied.

The performance of the task is fed back into these sources to update the individual’s level of self-efficacy.

Parenting self-efficacy (PSE) can be defined as the caregiver’s or parent’s confidence about their ability to successfully raise children (Jones and Prinz 2005).