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Call *16 to have your call routed to the nearest Coast Guard radio station.

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The Black Jacket (2016)Director: Ryan Simon In the rough neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, former Black Panther Aquil Basheer fights gang violence with education and communication.

low level weed peddling to full on armed robberies within a fortnight.Meanwhile, Hap and Florence Jackson – sharecroppers who have worked the land for generations – struggle bravely to build a small dream of their own despite the rigidly enforced social barriers they face.Christmas designer Leslie Major is the biggest fan of Christmas ever. Her biggest job every year is decorating the lobby of the famed Chesterton Hotel.But despite bigotry and bullying from unruly football fans, Fashanu blazed his own trail by also becoming the first openly gay athlete on the pitch.He had the talent, swagger and charisma to become one of the most celebrated athletes Britain had ever seen.The Get Down (2016) Series Stars: A ragtag group of teenagers run wild in the streets of the Bronx in the late 1970s.