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A Face To Face singles event will be held at the elegant Soiree Wine and Martini Lounge.

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Russians will tell you that St Petersburg isn’t really Russia.When I arrived in the Soviet Union for the first time, by train from Helsinki, it certainly seemed Russian to me!Orthodoxy was brought north from Byzantium and (is shared – in its various variants with some southern Slavic neighbours).Your first time in an Orthodox Church, standing in the semi-darkness before the high golden screen or iconostasis will create an impression: icons, incense; haunting song; open coffins.Provincial Russia is rich with tradition and history, with interesting buildings and people.

I spent a month there, working in the local archives, being given vodka in the evenings and watching the Barcelona Olympics on a massive Soviet television.You may use a dry privy, sweat it out in the smoke-filled confines of a “black” sauna or gorged on meat with “black” (that’s to say, Russian rye) bread and moonshine round a camp fire as your host picks up the guitar. Beyond certain tourist hotspots in Moscow and St Petersburg, English not widely spoken.Just from a practical perspective, your travelling experience will be much easier with Russian.I spent ten years of my doctoral and post-doctoral life studying them.The disaster of forced collectivisation from the late 1920s has left swathes of the rural economy in a sorry state, but life goes on. They’re recreated by millions of Russians each weekend too, as they escape the inhuman scale of high-rise modern housing for a weekend at the summer cottage (the “datcha”).There are another thirteen cities with populations above one million.