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For example, Jacqueline Onassis, as a woman, is supposed to be just as op- • pressed as any working class womarv.

Generally, they fail jo comprehend the situation of Third World women.

Serving the in- terests of the dominant class, they do not recognize the existence of the oppressor class and the oppressed where women ■as well as rn Pfy^Px£lnit J^^ bra burning.

.sexual preference now moved on to " "radical" issues of (Lesbianism ),games (herstory )....

University of Massachusetts is an institution that one could learn and grow from because of diverse elements on campus and in the five college area.

While there are few definitive answers to these questions, some things are clear. Blac women make up at least 62 oe cent o( the Black population (b The National Urban Leagui (NUL), in its latest annual report noted that "among adult worker; in America, Black women jr general and Black female family heads in particular are receivinc the brunt of continuin groups whose involvement in South Africa is simply for th Wr "economic benefit. S.-Afr Ikan students this semester seem to be more concerned about each other.

Black women's oppression, as measured by virtually any social indicator, is worsening. 1 was pleased to see sisters praising sister “Nikki" because this sister has been around for some time and has not stopped trying to aide oppressed people.

Progressive working class women were beginning to identify ‘with African and Vietnamese, women ^ho were actively participating in iationaf and individual liberation struggles.

The dominant class of the United States recognized this movement as a potential menace sole of misrepresenting the original struggle by distorting the revolutionary issues and goals of working class women's organizations: the total liberation of all oppressed.