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Another meme displays a stock photo of man holding hands with his girlfriend while clearly looking lustfully over another woman walking by, while his girlfriend pouts, with the appropriate label of AJ over the man, Allie over the girlfriend and the funny phrase Not Allie n the other woman.

Other memes made fun at his futile attempts to cheat on Snapchat, a platform where it is fairly simple to save and share conversations.

The screenplay intelligently makes a case for forgiveness, love, and faith without any trace of condescension or criticism.

The paradox of the Amish shunning those who've left their faith while forgiving the greater sin of murder is brought up, but sadly left unexplored; still, this is a minor issue for a film this well-performed and moving.

Even two police officers who kept up with the campus drama voiced their opinion and posted a selfie with the 'F**k AJ' message.

Memes also abounded as a result of the conversation, one of which compared AJ to a soccer player being smashed in the face by the ball.

But one thing that the vicious responses had in common was the intolerance for cheating.

Through the eyes of a grieving mother, Ida Graber, and other devastated families, this movie explores the Amish's astonishing reaction to the horrific shootings - of forgiveness and compassion. Tells the story of the 2006 massacre of Amish schoolchildren by a mentally unstable gunman, that religious community's subsequent forgiveness of the murderer, and their outreach to his widow. (GRADE: B)Despite its status as a Lifetime movie and criticisms that it takes artistic liberties with actual events, Amish Grace emerges as a poignant and inspiring little movie.

See full summary » When Sarah Cain, a self-involved big-city newspaper columnist, travels to Pennsylvania for the funeral of her Amish sister, she soon discovers that she is the legal guardian of her five ...

See full summary » A young Amish woman, who isn't satisfied with her path at home, visits a cousin for the summer.

Soon, AJ's full name was exposed, after the original Snapchat user who exposed his cheating ways agreed to send in an unedited version of his snap so as to clear the names of other outraged AJs on campus.

From there, images of the guilty AJ, and even his poor girlfriend Allie, were shared across the web, with people offering messages of condolences for her - while slamming him and his blatant attempts to cheat on her.