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James did say at some point he had a little crush on Sarah but When she found out she more or less told them there couldn't be anything between them.And Sarah and Dave dating has been rumours for years. It's always claiming that people have been going out with people they never did, especially co-stars. I was so gutted but there's always someone on their profile who the celeb has claimed not to have dated.He was way below her and because the reaction was so strong … “She went to his apartment and was convinced if they made love one more time that everything would be fine,” he explained.they had to do something dramatic to prove that wasn’t true.” The move, which became one of the show’s biggest controversies, came in the sixth season of the series when Spike attempts to rape Buffy in the bathroom of her home before she fights him off. “He had to physically push her off and that just crushed her and stuck with her all her life.” The actor says he has no regrets about doing the scene and despite the mixed reviews, it set Spike up for his “journey toward redemption.” Marsters will be back on TV Nov.He says that when he met her backstage at a concert in Amsterdam, he "got her phone number, but then my jeans were cleaned out by the crew and they threw it out. I'd given her my number, but she took it down one digit wrong. Also, Branagh wears a mustache like he’s been wearing one his whole life.

Spike was not ready for Buffy during the run of the show. I will not go to a movie if I know that’s in there. I will pass on auditions if thats what they want me to do, but I was contracted to do it.” Marsters says the storyline came from one of the female writers who threw herself on an ex-boyfriend in college in hopes of him taking her back.21 starring as a super villain (of course) in Marvel’s “Runaways” on Hulu.I found very interesting information about Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters as couple in real life. I found this on i gave link with this info link and second link - link I only knew about SMG & DB too.So when I looked at Sarah's there was Jerry O Connell, James, David, Freddie and some tennis player.But as far as I know Freddie is the only relationship on there thats been confirmed to be more than a rumour... :( i think that SMG and JM are just really good friends in real life, James Marsters said in an interview that she's like his younger sister besides SMG is now married to Freddie Prinze Jr..But i guess I was wrong she dated James Marsters for couple of months in 1997.