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Overall Thank You For Your Service lacks the narrative string that could tie it all together and thus result in a bigger impact on its audience. Schumann’s commanding officer is a stereotype who literally says soldiers going to the VA for medical treatment “isn’t good for Big Army.” The superior who Solo needs a letter from to prove he was in the blast that left him in his current state would rather talk about getting steak shipped directly to his door.
"He wanted to change back to the original family name and wanted to move on," he said.

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[Read: How your self respect affects your relationship with your friends] #2 You’re too negative.You’re full of dark energy of the bad kind, and you make people feel uncomfortable around you. Do you even realize this is the third time they’re looking at their watch?

Or are you making a few unforgivable mistakes that push people away from you, or force them to take you for granted?[Read: The complete guide to making great conversations with anyone and making them love you! When you meet your friends, all you’re concerned about is about YOU having a good time. Stop trying to constantly assume that there’s a hidden agenda or meaning behind everything a friend does or says, and that it somehow has something to do with you.You don’t think about an evening out with friends as a collective moment to get together and have fun. ” “Why don’t they like talking about this when I like it so much? ” You selfishly extract happiness out of the conversation with others, and are only interested in hearing what you want to hear, and talking about things you want to talk about. But remember this, when you’re not willing to give back, you’re not going to get any in the first place. Was there a secret message addressed to you in that? When you start reading between the lines all the time, you’re going to end up making a lot of assumptions.Ask yourself if you’re doing any of these things subconsciously, and if you see yourself in any of these reasons, make a conscious effort to change yourself for the better if you want your friends to stick around for longer. Spending time with a new friend may matter a lot to you, but when you try too hard, you could come off as a very clingy and annoying person. Your friends don’t have to know you have nothing better to do when they’re gone.Just pretend like you’re busy too, and say goodbye before the atmosphere starts to stiffen up with awkwardness.Have you ever seen characters in movies or people on the street that make you feel uncomfortable, and you just don’t know why? Did you even notice that your friend’s staring at their facebook page on the phone while you’re in the middle of an interesting conversation?