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Instead, the organization critiques Secretary Shulkin for allocating the money cut from elderly veterans to VA improvements: The budget would increase spending on facilities by over a billion dollars even though the VA is sending more patients into the private sector for care and the veteran population is shrinking.It proposes adding nearly 8,000 new employees, which would make the VA larger than the active duty Navy.This is an acute issue because the proposal, if approved, would likely cut a substantial amount of monthly benefits payments to elderly veterans with no ability to make up the difference given their age and severe disability.READ: President Donald Trump Budget Proposal The proposed cuts affect elderly veterans receiving Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits due to the severity of their disability.– Cincinnati Veterans Job Fair – Job fair announcement.– New York Veterans Job Fair – Job fair announcement.The language of the budget proposal makes no adjustment for severely disabled veterans unable to receive full Social Security because they were too disabled to work due to injury while in the military.Veterans receiving TDIU benefits do not pay into the Social Security fund and would not be entitled to Social Security retirement funds.

"Our site is designed specifically for singles who share the value of premarital sexual abstinence," said Jose Colin, according to PR Newswire.Neither of these organizations have come out in opposition to the legislation.They are also the largest two veterans organizations in existence today.The massive VA investment made by President Obama did not bring better outcomes for veterans – it only proved that throwing money at the problems is not the answer.Congress should not accept the new VA budget proposal as it is currently written.DAV – News Feed – DAV Volunteer Closes In On Milestone: An article about a volunteer with many donated hours serving veterans on behalf of DAV.